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UK Executives Admit That Greater Mobility Beats A Higher Compensation, Any Day

The opportunity to work anywhere, anytime is a growing factor in today's job seeking process, with more than 69 per cent of company executives admitting to the trend, while 30 per cent of them say it tops classic benefits such as a company car, a personal office and even an assistant. The latest technology has also been categorised as a very important factor.

The study has been performed by TNS, an independent industry team of researchers, in collaboration with IFS. Queries were addressed to 867 executives from medium to large-sized companies from the UK, Germany and Sweden. As results show, more than half of them would appreciate a mobile environment over other traditional methods.

Alexander Sovré, director at TNS Sifo specialising in IT & telecom research, says: "Flexibility and mobility coupled with modern technology are very important factors, much more so than more traditional perks such as a corner office, a prestigious title or even a higher salary. According to the research, we are looking at a real shift in how people prioritise their working life."

The rising desire may also come from the fact that more than 52 per cent of UK executives never work remotely and most of them are basically tied to a chair. Moreover, 33 per cent of those interviewed never leave the office until the end of the day.

To support this trend, several remote-administration applications like "Martini" have been launched, this particular one allowing management of administrative tasks direct from the tablet/smartphone panel.