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Almost 50 Labour Legislation Breaches Discovered At Foxconn

The investigation at Foxconn's facilities revealed "serious and pressing" violations of work related regulations.

Apple's main supplier breached the Chinese law on this matter and also the code of conduct that Apple agreed on when the company joined the Fair Labor Association.

The scandal exploded in January, after the media reported that workers in Foxconn facilities worked multiple shifts for several days in a row, with some of the Foxconn employees dying from exhaustion whilst others permanently injured as a result of working on the Apple devices.

It now appears that after the investigation officially revealed that Foxconn Technology was breaking the law, the manufacturer has been forced to reduce the working hours and to compensate the employees for working overtime.

Auret van Heerden, FLA President, explained that the Chinese company must comply with the regulations. "The eyes of the world are on them and there's just no way they can't deliver. It's a real showstopper."

Foxconn issued a statement pledging its full commitment to address the situation and to eliminate the inhumane working condition in its factories, to lower work time and to raise salaries.

"Our success will be judged by future FLA audits and the monitoring of the implementation of the remediation program, by reviews carried out by Apple and other customers and by future employee surveys," reads the Foxconn statement.

Source: Bloomberg

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