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Android Made $550 Million In The Last 4 Years

According to a recent disclosure that Google made during its trial with Oracle, Android sales accounted for $550 million in revenue over the past four years.

As we revealed yesterday, Oracle claims that Google infringed two of its patents with its mobile platform, Android. Taking the search giant to court, it asked for damages proportional to the revenue brought in by the mobile OS. In this context, Google revealed how profitable the popular operating system really is.

Reports show that by the end of last year, almost 200 million Android devices have been activated. Consequently, Google makes about $10 every year from each Android device out there.

Despite this total, the revenue generated by Android is merely pin money compared with Google's total income, most of it generated by advertising. The corporation's main source of income is desktops not mobile devices and according to Microsoft, there are over 1.25 billion PCs worldwide.

With a total revenue of just under $38 billion, Google is making at least $30 from every PC every year. However, considering that not every computer is connected to the Internet and not everyone uses Google, the ammount of money made from each user is likely to be even higher.

source: Guardian UK

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