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Average Briton Spends 15 Hours Online A Week

A new study by Ofcom, the broadcasting watchdog, reports that 8 out of 10 adults go online wherever they are - by use of their mobile devices.

Accredited with the rise is a particular strain of these mobile devices; smartphones. Another contributing factor is the ever increasing number of social networking sites as well as the growth in the number of older people now using the Internet.

However, anxiety about Internet safety and security has fallen. In 2005, 70 per cent of Internet users were concerned about their data being online, compared to just 50 per cent in 2011. Interestingly though, online confidence is currently at an all-time high at 84 per cent. Also, three in five people say they only allow their friends to view their personal information.

The popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is continuing to grow, with 59 per cent of adults on the Internet having at least one social network profile. Sixty seven per cent of adults also say they visit the sites every day. This is up 30 per cent since 2007.

Social media has become increasingly easier to access, with the amount of people using social media on a weekly basis from a mobile phone almost doubling in a year. From those using a smartphone, this figure has grown from 39 per cent in 2010 to 55 per cent in the same time period.