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Epson Brings Android Based Glasses

Good news for Android fans: Epson has developed a cool sexy gadget based on Android 2.2 to be a tool for the next generation entertainment.

The Epson Moveria BT-100 glasses have a sleek design similar to those seen in Sci-Fi movies, while integrating the latest technology in augmented reality. Epson Moveria BT-100 glasses integrate a micro-projector which makes them capable of delivering images from a built in qHD (960x540) screen.

The images projected to each eye are similar to the viewing experience of an 80-inch display. Also, the glasses feature earbuds that allow the users to enjoy Dolby Mobile virtual surround sound.

In addition, the integrated Wi-Fi controller delivers video content in a wide array of formats including MPEG-4 (AVC/H.264), MP3, AAC, Flash 11, and side-by-side 3D content. The video content from YouTube, Vimeo or any other Flash enabled sites is only a tap away.

It also comes with built-in storage space of 1GB and offers the possibility to extend this with the help of a 4GB microSDHC memory card. For now, Epson ships Epson Moveria BT-100 glasses with Android 2.2 but the company announced that an upgrade to a later version will be available soon.

The device can be ordered online for $699.

Source: Epson

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