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Foxconn Pledges To Increase Wages And Respect Work Hours

As noted earlier, Foxconn has no other option than to respect the Chinese labour law and Apple's code of conduct - especially since the recent Fair Labor Association report came to light.

The Chinese company - which has over 1.2 million workers - gathered unwanted attention in the past fre months after it was revealed that its employees worked in inhumane conditions.

Amongst the 50+ breaches of labour related legislation committed by the company, the most concerning was the one with regards to employees working overtime despite the risk of permanent injuries or even death caused by exhaustion. Not to mention their salaries ranging from a measly $360 to $455 per month.

While the Western world was shocked to find out details of the situation, in China companies regularly disregard the limits for time worked.

Auret van Heerden, CEO of the Fair Labor Association, revealed that workers in the developing countries are more prone to abuse when it comes to working overtime.

Following the investigation into the work of over 178,000 employees based at three Foxconn facilities, located in Guanlan, Longhua and Chengdu, the FLA issued a concerning report. Consequently, Foxconn and parent corporation Hon Hai Precision Industry Co decided to reduce the weekly work limit to the maximum of 49 hours, according to Chinese regulation.

In addition, the manufacturer promised to raise salaries.

Source: Heraldnet

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