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GAME's on Again off Again Reward Scheme

The GAME retailer in its entirety has had a shaky looking future for the past couple of months, leading many to cash in on what seemed to be a last ditch sale to help generate a bit of end-game capital. As part of that mad dash though, many people found their reward and gift cards, some with many tens or hundreds of pounds on them, were no longer usable.

Now though, the administrator for GAME, PwC, has reactivated them, leading many of those angered by their inability to utilise past earned credit to rejoice. Unfortunately though, some are now saying that there is little possibility of any old credit being redeemable.

"In essence, the administrator cannot honour a liability on a voucher or prepayment to full value when other unsecured creditors may get paid p/£," Thrings boss Mark Cullingford said to Computer and Videogames.

This makes sense as the only reason GAME hasn't been completely shut down is because it's managed to make a deal with lenders - selling off a big chunk of the business to those very same companies, including Royal Bank of Scotland. In a perfect world, these businesses would allow customers to wander in and - from their point of view - pick up free products.

In reality though, it seems hard to believe corporations will throw money away by honouring these pre-administration reward schemes.

However, don't cut up old gift cards just yet, MCVUK has a source "close to the GAME situation," that says, maybe, the cards will be usable next week.

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