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Google Set To Sell Android Tablets Direct? A Big Mistake

Like it did with the Nexus One smartphone a few years ago, Google will sell tablets directly to customers as it tries to revive the fortunes of Android tablets by err... competing with Android vendors.

Amir Efrati of the Wall Street Journal says that Google will sell the tablets via an online store like Apple and Amazon "according to people familiar with the matter".

Android on tablets, unlike smartphones, is not performing particularly well which is why Google believes that it can prop up the platform by launching its cobranded versions with the help of existing partners like Asus and Samsung.

Google sold the Nexus One which was produced by HTC (and later sold as the HTC Desire) back in 2010 through an online shop and closed it as sales of Android smartphones picked up.

There is a big difference though. Google is expected to launch a tablet - with Asus - that competes on price rather than on features and this could end up hurting its partners more than the iPad itself.

The report also mentions the fact that Google will also launch Motorola tablets but almost certainly no Amazon tablets, which are likely to be the most successful Android-based on the market by the end of the year.

Unfortunately for Google, Amazon has customised the open source platform to an extent that it is hardly recognisable and Google would hate others to do that because it would mean losing its grip on Android.

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