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Google To Sell Nexus Tablets in A New Online Store

People familiar with the matter claim that Google will sell its upcoming co-branded tablets, otherwise known as Nexus devices, using a new online store. Supposedly, the search giant will build this store from the ground up to serve as a direct competitor to Apple's Store as well as Amazon's Portal.

A similar tactic was adopted a while back, when the first Nexus smartphone appeared: the HTC Nexus One. At first, this gadget could only be bought online - and when Google become aware of the low sales number, appealed to Samsung to distribute the device across several carriers around the US.

Reports state the store to be home of various Google co-branded tablets, developed in partnership with Samsung, Asus and possibly even Acer. One of these devices, which is also expected to be the first Nexus slate, is rumoured to be built by Asus and to come as a direct competitor to Amazon's Kindle Fire. The tablet would be 7-inches wide and should surface in the third quarter of this year, selling between $199 and $299.

Sources also claim that once Motorola's ownership transfer towards Google is accepted by all international markets, the search giant will no longer need 3rd party manufacturers to build its exclusive line of tablets.

Considering the fact that most people use Google as their default search engine, marketing this rumoured shop on the main page will give the company quite an advantage over other rivals. Smartphones have been excluded out of the shop because they require a constant relation with carriers, whereas tablets mainly rely on Wi-Fi connectivity.

Source: WSJ (opens in new tab)