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iPhone 4 Owners To Get $15 For Antennagate Issues

The old time issue that plagued the iPhone 4 release, yes, we are talking about "antennagate" is concluded. The class-action lawsuit ended in favour of iPhone 4 owners who will get the compensation from Apple, of $15.

Since the reception issues surfaced, in July 2010, Apple awarded the users a free bumper to ease their discontent. The settlement terms allows those users to register on a dedicated website in order to benefit from Apple's further compensation.

In order to qualify, IPhone 4 owners need to agree that they "have experienced antenna or reception issues," or they have "been unable to return their iPhone 4 without incurring any costs" and also have "been unwilling to use a case or free bumper for their iPhone 4." iPhone 4 users need to complete the troubleshooting steps available on the Apple website to ensure that the iPhone's problem cannot be solved before requesting compensation.

According to the settlement, until 30th April, Apple will send an email to every iPhone 4 owner to inform them about their rights. Users will also have to submit their claim by filling out the online form by 28th August.

source: iPhone4Settlement

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