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iPhone’s Share In The US Smartphone Market, Very Close To Android

The wide array of Android devices dominating the smartphone market appears to have a strong contender, accelerating at full steam ahead.

According to the latest Nilesen Wire report, iOS smartphones are only 5 per cent away from the leader - Android. The report relies on the acquisitions from the last three months in the US, which reveal that 43 per cent of the recent smartphone customers bought an iPhone, compared to 48 per cent of the polled users who say they have an Android based smartphone.

Overall, the difference between the two rival platforms is more significant, as only 32 per cent of the smartphone owners were Apple fans, while the percentage of Android followers remains constant.

Apple's recent success is caused by Research in Motion's downfall, as BlackBerry phones lost 7 per cent in the last three months, its market share now at 5 per cent. The Nielsen report also reveals that the smartphone market is in full expansion.

The survey from last month revealed that almost half of the US mobile phone users (49.7 per cent) chose a smartphone. By comparison, in February 2011, 36 per cent of the users had opted for a smartphone.

The market shift revealed that the feature phones lose their appeal as more customers are willing to adopt high end devices.

Source: Nielsen

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