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Largest Apple Store To Be Opened In Dalian, China

Under quite adventurous circumstances, the Cupertino based company has started to advertise the "world's biggest" Apple Store to open in China, but with negative consequences.

The new Apple store is supposed to be located in Dalian, a "rich Chinese city with a lot of investment coming from Korea and Japan," and more precisely - in one of the largest shopping centres within the city, Parkland Mall.

However, the local rival of Parkland Mall - the Dalian Department Store - has generated quite a riot. They sent their security team over to vandalise Apple's huge banners, causing police to intervene to settle the conflict.

Apart from the news and tense encounters between the security teams who guard Apple's banners and the ones who are keen to tear them down, there is little information about Apple's store itself.

Details of the exact size of the new Chinese Apple Store and the opening date currently remain unknown. The only information is supplied by the banners: "Apple's World's Biggest Flagship Store will be soon coming to Parkland Mall."

Source: MIC Gadget

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