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Leak Shows Google GDrive Will Come With 5GB Free Storage

A leaked screenshot of Google Drive for Windows, the forthcoming GDrive cloud storage service, will come with 5GB free storage with the option to "upgrade with more space at any time".

The service will go against the likes of Microsoft's SkyDrive (which offers a generous 25GB for free), Dropbox, (which recently gave up to 50GB to selected device owners), Apple, Amazon as well as a number of low cost cloud storage providers like Adrive or Livedrive.

The image, obtained by Talk Android, also reveals that the URL of the service will be, which currently points to a "not found, error 404 page) and will be available on a wide range of devices (laptops, desktops, chromebooks, smartphones and tablets) with seamless synching and a new logo to boot from.

More importantly perhaps is the fact that there will be a downloadable client for Windows (and possibly other platforms) which could well mean that Google Drive will be similar in functionality to Dropbox, creating a virtual drive at start. Expect Google Drive to be launched on the 16th of April.

Source : Talk Android

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