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Lenovo Launches Android Enterprise App Shop For Business Clients Only

With Google serving a pretty nice collection of apps inside their Play marketplace, the need for business-orientated mobile software was felt. Lenovo has volunteered to fill the gap by launching the Enterprise App Shop, a store which distributes Android applications to business customers only.

As the company describes it, the Enterprise App Shop simplifies the access and use of productivity applications for corporate clients owning a Lenovo tablet, or any other Android 3.1 (or higher) based slate. The service features LDAP integration and cross platform support to facilitate IT management, while serving much-needed applications that boost productivity.

Using Lenovo's Enterprise shop, corporations can create their own customised software marketplaces, where employees can enter and install company-based programs without having to worry about app permissions forced by the marketplace itself. These can all be done by using Lenovo's App Shop Manager.

David Gannon, associate director of the Academic Computing & Media Services of Bryant University, claims that "The distribution and license management of applications for the classroom is simplified by the Lenovo Enterprise App Shop; eliminating factory resets and streamlining app installation. We were up and running quickly and the App Shop Manager is very intuitive and easy to use".

Other services brought by the App Shop Manager include a vetted catalogue, custom management, private corporate app publishing, volume purchase pricing and of course, the possibility of enabling and disabling apps.

Lenovo's App shop is now available worldwide, excluding China, through Lenovo sales.

Source: Lenovo