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LG to Introduce Flexible Displays in April

LG plans to launch its first generation of mass produced flexible displays as soon as next month. With a thickness of less than a millimeter and a total weight of just 14g, the applications of this sort of technology could be far reaching.

While not able to bend fully, the screens, which measure six inches across and have a resolution of 1024x768 can fold up to an angle of 40 degrees. The display specs might be far from competing with Apple's latest retina screen, but this is a big improvement over most smartphones and many tablets, including Amazon's popular Kindle.

Due to the bendable nature of the screens, they provide not only versatile applications for advertising on new and varied surfaces, or product information in places where it would be difficult to fit a screen normally, it also provides impressive durability. LG notes that the screen is more than capable of passing drop tests at 1.5 metres - something that can't be said for many a modern tablet.

Combine a technology like this, with NEC's new Organic Radical Battery design and you have a display and power pack that in total is just 1mm thick. Sure this could give us new ultra, ultra slim tablets and phones, but how about clothing that can display a new design based on your mood?

Expect some exciting home brew applications for LG's displays when they become commercially available in April.

Source: Hexus

Picture source: LG

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