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Life Online Gallery Opens At National Media Museum

What does Bradford and the Internet have in common? Not a clue? Well let me put your mind at ease, and state the obvious: The National Media Museum. Opening its doors to the public today is the "world's first gallery dedicated to exploring the social, technological and cultural impact of the internet."

Life Online (otherwise known as LOL) is an exhibition documenting the many highlights of the Internet, including aspects such as technological and cultural advances as well as contributions from some of the web's leading figures - Vint Cerf and Tim Berners Lee.

"It's a massive part of our lives," explained Tom Woolley, the museum's curator of new media.

"It's important to know where that story has come from. The rise of the internet has just been momentous. The way we watch film, TV, listen to music is all wrapped up in the web."

Divided into two sections, one part of the gallery is set to be a permanent feature - showcasing the history and backstory of the world wide web. The other part is planned to rotate each year, with artists commissioned to explore the theme of experimentation; with the first exhibition examining the rise of the open source movement.

Costing somewhere within the region of an impressive £2 million, it is hoped the initiative will raise awareness of the success of the Internet (and Bradford).

Source: BBC