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Make Windows Phone 8's UI Customisable, Shout OEMs Towards Microsoft

It seems Nokia's exclusive agreement with Microsoft to tweak the user interface of the Windows Phone has been greeted with greed by other OEMs, especially those based in Taiwan. According to the source, these manufacturers want Microsoft to make the next major version of Windows Phone more customisable.

At the moment, Nokia is the only manufacturer with the right to modify the user interface. Now, HTC, Compal and possibly even Acer are wanting to be blessed with the same privilege. In the meantime, they've all demanded Microsoft to embed customisable options inside Windows Phone 8, codenamed Apollo.

Reports say that manufacturers based in Taiwan have complained about Microsoft's OS and its lack of differentiation possibilities, making their devices hard to distinguish properly in the market. Most likely this request was addressed by HTC, with the company using a skinned HTC Sense user interface in Android - with similar plans for the Windows Phone.

Manufacturers claim that the design, internal specifications and the price alone is not enough to win customers with their smartphones, and the need for customised UIs is greatly felt.

Speculations state that ironically, Microsoft has allowed OEMs to tweak only the camera interface, which is one of the most unique features the mobile operating system has.

Microsoft officials have yet to respond, but it seems that they will face a great debate in the struggle of pushing a unified mobile Windows platform in order to deliver the same user experience across all devices.

Source: DigiTimes