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Microsoft Registers and Domains

While they aren't doing anything at the moment, Microsoft's new domain name acquisitions raise some eyebrows about the future of the Xbox. Perhaps FL is an abbreviation of the next Xbox? Maybe the Xbox Loop/Lite that has been rumoured to be in development alongside the full scale 720 Durango, next-gen hardware.

It's pure speculation as it stands, but it goes hand in hand with rumours about other domains recently bought up by Microsoft: and Microsoft could be preparing for future releases, or just covering itself in the eventuality that it'll need them one day.

Halo nine would certainly be a way off, but five might not be far away if the company was to launch its next-generation console with a new title in the popular series.

Quite a few rumours have appeared regarding Microsoft's Xbox hardware in recent weeks. It's been hinted at that an AMD 7000 series Southern Islands GPU is being used, giving it a huge graphical advantage over the Xbox 360s modified 2000 series graphics chip.

Then again, Sony's rumoured Playstation Orbis is also said to be making use of that generation of graphical hardware. It'll be interesting to weigh up which has the most powerful guts when it comes to the next generation of consoles.

Source: Fusible

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