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Noon News: Google Nexus Tablet to be Sold Online, Lenovo Launches Android Enterprise App Shop, Tim Cook Meets Foxconn Workers

People familiar with the matter claim that Google will sell its upcoming co-branded tablets, otherwise known as Nexus devices, using a new online store. Supposedly, the search giant will build this store from the ground up to serve as a direct competitor to Apple's Store as well as Amazon's Portal.

With Google serving a pretty nice collection of apps inside their Play marketplace, the need for business-orientated mobile software was felt. Lenovo has volunteered to fill the gap by launching the Enterprise App Shop, a store which distributes Android applications to business customers only.

Google's first offer of making peace with Oracle over a patent suit targeted at Android has failed, with the database-software maker rejecting the sum on solid motives. The search giant has tried to lure Oracle out of the trial by sharing Android revenue until these patents end.

The Redmond-based software giant has big plans with the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, currently falling well behind similar services of other companies, like Google Play and the App Store. An important step towards future growth was taken today, when Microsoft opened the WP7 app store to 13 new countries.

In his first visit to China, Tim Cook used the opportunity to see the working environment at Foxconn. Apple's CEO visited a newly built iPhone production plant, Foxconn ZhengzhouTechnology Park, situated in the north central province of Hebei. The plant contains over 120,000 employees, according to a Reuters report.