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O2 Announces "Unlimited" Tariffs for SMEs

Mobile phone operator O2 has announced a new unlimited tariff - On & On - aimed at UK-based small businesses which will offer an unlimited bundle of calls and texts (but not data) as well as what O2 calls "practical help and value".

The package will be available on SIM only (for 12-months contracts) and with handsets (on two year contracts). In the latter case, customers keeping their phones will only pay £21.67 while customers looking for a new phone can expect to pay at least £30 per month for a new phone.

Users can get the iPhone 4S 16GB for example for £38.66 without an upfront fee (or pay £30 per month with a £99 upfront cost). Prices exclude VAT and the data allowance stands at only 1GB without WiFi. An additional GB of data costs £4.17.

In addition businesses with more than 10 employees will be able to speak to a dedicated business adviser from their UK business technical team.

T-Mobile is another mobile phone operator that provides a contract (Full Monty) with unlimited calls and texts as well as ample data allowance (and contrary to what we wrote previously the offer is also available for businesses).

Source : O2 On&On

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