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Patent Suggests Siri Pairing Could Be Possible

Apple recently published a patent related to a mysterious "Voice Control System." Apple's innovation would allow the iPhone 4S to pair with other devices in order to expand Siri's functionality to Mac and iPad users.

Technically speaking, the patent details "embodiments described herein relate generally to devices for controlling electronic devices and, in particular, to a voice control system for training an electronic device to recognize voice commands."

The filing refers to the speech recognition software that requires extensive hardware and software to deliver the expected performance. Consequently, the technology needs a remote server to communicate in a process similar to that of the iPhone 4S service, Siri.

To make matters even more intriguing, Apple's patent describes "a remote device communicatively coupled to the electronic device." This phrasing could point to a Siri in disguise, as tech writers suggest that an iPhone 4S coupled with an iOS desktop, laptop or tablet could bring the voice controlled digital assistant to any secondary device.

According to Apple's patent, in order to work only one of the devices in the pair needs a processor, high end microphone or sufficient storage.

This could imply that Siri functionality could be extended to much more modest devices.

Source: AppleInsider

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