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PlayStation Sketches hint at new Orbis Features

Design firm Coque Design might just have been spit-balling, but the fact that its sketches of what appeared to be unannounced features for the next-generation PlayStation console suggests that they were official.

Considering they were called "Illustrations & Sketches for new PlayStation Orbis features" adds extra confirmation to this, as well as lending credence to rumours that "Orbis" was the codename and potential release name of the fourth generation PlayStation console, hinted for release sometime towards the end of 2013.

The images seem to show users dancing in-front of a Kinect like - though structurally similar to Sony's Eye Cam - motion tracker that is wirelessly connected to a user's smartphone.

We could speculate that the phone - presumably a Sony one - is able to interact with the PlayStation Orbis in a variety of ways. The "Play Back" text in the image hints at the ability to control songs or record footage in titles like the one shown. Linking the next generation console with a newly released smartphone would be an interesting way for Sony to break back into the mobile handset market.

Despite the seemingly official nature of these images however, it could simply be a company getting themselves some attention by releasing pictures with the rumoured codename in the title.

We certainly jumped on it didn't we.

Image Source: Kotaku

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