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Tesco Proclaims Itself the Home of Gaming

Supermarket chain Tesco has proclaimed itself the "Home of Gaming" in its latest print advertising campaign, cashing in on the demise of many a GAME outlet in the recent administration.

While it looks like GAME will be turned around by a late save from RBS and other lenders, its future as one of the UK's main game retail locations looks shaky - hence Tesco's advance.

In the advert, which features the line drawn image of a PlayStation controller, there are several annotations which suggest that Tesco now has the most "gaming stores in the UK". This is a loose definition since the store has games for sale in its supermarkets. Alongside bread and coffee.

Another reads that nearly 400 outlets open at midnight for those early game buyers. The total selection of titles is said to be over 10,000. That might be the case online, but it certainly isn't true if you factor in most of the non-super sized Tesco outlets.

The advert also highlights how customers can trade in games for money off anything in store and that all purchases can accrue Clubcard points.

While supermarkets aren't the first to have attempted to cash in on GAME's demise, they aren't likely to be the last either. There's a lot of potential changes coming to the UK game industry as a results of GAME's closure of some 277 stores.

Image source: CVG

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