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What Is The Cheapest Android Tablet In the UK? Asda's Selling One For £29

Asda is selling the Archos 28 Internet Tablet for £29 down from £57. The device is only a tablet by name and is more a media player powered by Android, v2.2 Froyo in this case.

The "internet tablet" has an uncharacteristically powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor clocked at 800MHz with a 2.8-inch 320 by 240 pixels resistive touchscreen display, 4GB onboard storage, support for an array of file formats, a micro USB port, WiFi, up to 16 hours music playback and over the air updates as well as Archos' AppsLib app market (no Google Play/Android Market).

It measures only 68g and is a mere 9mm thick. Given that it does support WiFi, one can envisage that it will run Skype which could make it a nice little Skype phone.

The Archos 28 also offers the ability to read or edit Microsoft Office documents and even dual boot between Android and Linux Ångström distribution.

As expected though, there's no microSD card, no camera or HDMI ports and the bundled earphones are said to be rather underpar but the USB ports can be connected to external hard drives and USB peripherals.

Source : Asda

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