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Zuckerberg Visits Asia, Friends Japan's Prime Minister

Asia has always held a fascination for the strangest exports (for example, US band Scorpions enjoyed minor success in Europe - but it was in Japan where they were known as the 'American Beatles'), so it's no surprise that they've taken kindly to another US celebrity - Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook founder made a visit to land of the rising sun, where yesterday he was warmly received by Japan's Prime Minister, Yoshiko Noda.

"It's a funny feeling to see you here because I watched the film," Noda said to Zuckerberg, according the Reuters.

"Very different," Zuckerberg replied in relation to The Social Network, famous for exploring the origins of the social networking site when Zuckerberg was studying at Harvard University.

Zuckerberg was invited to Noda's house along with several other Japanese cabinet ministers. According to Reuters, he "strode through the entrance like a movie star" and was "dressed smartly for the occasion in a grey suit and blue tie."

Noda took the opportunity to express his gratitude to Zuckerberg over the positive impact social media has had in Asia, namely the tsunami tragedy, with Zuckerberg emphasising his commitment to improving ties with Japan. The social networking service has over 10 million users in Japan, with Japan as the only nation outside the US to operate an engineering office.

Source: Mashable

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