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Google Maps 6.5 Update Brings Higher Resolution, Real-Time Traffic Estimates

A fresher look was always appreciated when it came to apps, and Google has not forgotten this aspect. One of its most used services, Google Maps, has been updated to version 6.5 with a cleaner aspect, a higher resolution and accurate traffic time estimates.

The update in subject is served on Android-based handsets only and will enhance the service with a new navigation home screen that simplifies the selection of a new destination or previous engaged ones, by swapping the screen left or right.

Smartphones with a high pixel-density display will enjoy the crisper look of Maps, Google increasing the resolution for this type of devices. These visual differences will make the user spot roads faster, without worrying about clustering. To enable a higher resolution, navigate new areas of the map or simply erase the cache.

Also, the search engine reports that panning, zooming and twisting will be done faster with this new style.

Customisation has been revamped in version 6.5, by allowing the user to pick favourite transfer modes and routes. Those enjoying the service can now choose to prioritise particular transit modes, like the subway or the bus, as well as opting for a route with fewer transits or less walking. These features are available for 475 cities.

When switching on Directions mode, in both mobile and desktop clients this time, users of certain locations will notice that traffic estimates have been enhanced with a live feature. Labelled as "in current traffic", this shows how long it will take to reach a destination, based on live and historic traffic data.

Source: GoogleBlog (opens in new tab)