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Angry Birds Cartoon Coming, Rovio Models Itself On Disney

Those Angry Birds have never been angrier, or more popular.

The recent release of Angry Birds Space saw the game hit 10 million downloads in just three days (it took the previous incarnation, Rio, 10 days to reach the same milestone). The Space version racked up 20 million downloads in its first week.

Of course, Angry Birds isn't just about the games, but also the stuffed toys, theme park, clothes, accessories, a film... and now a cartoon series, it would seem.

Rovio has declared its intention not just to be a big games publisher, but more of an entertainment company along the lines of Disney. Aiming high indeed...

Head of animation at Rovio, Nick Dorra, announced at the MIPTV conference: "Disney is a great model for us. We want to be seen as an entertainment company not a games company."

Rovio is planning a series of mini-cartoons with an initial 52 episode run. The company wants to push the series out over all devices, from smartphones and tablets to smart TVs.

The series will apparently explore the thoughts and motives of the characters - and ask the question, why are those birds so angry? Well, they've certainly got to do something over 52 episodes; they'll need a little more depth than just stolen eggs.

Source: The Register