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Ashton Kutcher To Play Steve Jobs In Upcoming Movie

Happy April Fool's Day! Wait, this is real? Oh...looks like the joke is on us all, as what was initially believed to the most well-thought out hoax is a genuine news article - with Ashton Kutcher tipped to play the part of Apple CEO Steve Jobs in an upcoming movie.

Entertainment magazine Variety first made us look twice with this revelation after announcing that 'Two and a Half Men' star Kutcher would be playing the coveted role, with director Joshua Michael Stern - of Kevin Coster's 'Swing Vote' fame - taking the helm in the Jobs biopic.

However, Variety writer Jeff Sneider, insists that the story is true - with production of the film scheduled to start sometime in May.

Sneider posted the following tweet: "Guys, do you REALLY think the top @Variety brass & my editors would let me post an APRIL FOOL'S DAY joke on the homepage? Uh... no."

He even sought confirmation from Ashton Kutcher himself, asking for him to retweet the story: "@APlusK Mr. Kutcher, I just broke what may be the biggest film role of your career... Do me a solid & hook a brotha up with a RT?!?"

With the movie reported to take place during Steve's hipster phase, addressing how Apple came to be one of the most successful organisations on the planet, Kutcher is set to work on the biopic titled 'Jobs' when he is on leave from his popular CBS series.

Whilst I don't ask for much from the K-man, I just hope he can pull off the unthinkable - and do both Jobs and his turtleneck justice.

Source: CNET

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