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Bazaar: A Free Alternative Of The Windows Phone Marketplace

The Windows Phone Marketplace is not the most-crowded applications store available, but alternatives are being developed as we speak. One of them, Bazaar, provides users and developers the chance to download, install and share programmes compatible with Microsoft's mobile platform.

As the company advertises, Bazaar is a free Windows Phone marketplace that doesn't rely on pirated software in any way. Users here can find only free software such as Opera Mobile, Tech News Seed, WoW Armorery and others. A similar service was discovered a month ago, when DeepShine (opens in new tab), a marketplace brewed by XDA members, was launched.

Bazaar is also available for PC users and the mobile version is compatible with almost any Windows Phone-based handset, as long as it's unlocked. The downside is that developer-unlocked devices can only browse the mobile flavour of the software, with users having to resort to the PC version in order to install any software.

Those who own a fully unlocked smartphone can browse, share, manage and even install programmes directly from Bazaar, without the need of a Windows-running computer and a USB cable. Also, the whole installation process only takes one click and the portal remembers any downloaded application so porting files on another handset can be done with ease.

Officials have yet to announce the exact number of apps present in Bazaar, but they brag to include "all the Homebrew applications you need for your unlocked Windows Phone.".

Source: WP-Bazaar (opens in new tab)