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Big Blue Given Big Bang Data

The responsibility of collecting and analysing the data that stretches back to the Big Bang has been given to Big Blue, helped by ASTRON and the Dutch Government. ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, and IBM have been given the task of designing the computer. It needs to be capable of handling the potential exabyte per day generated by the SKA, the Square Kilometre Array.

In a statement released today, the two companies said: "ASTRON and IBM scientists in the Netherlands and Switzerland have launched an initial five-year collaboration called DOME."

"DOME will investigate emerging technologies for large-scale and efficient exascale computing, data transport and storage processes, and streaming analytics that will be required to read, store and analyze all the raw data that will be collected daily."

The magnitude of the data is explained by Ton Engbersen, from IBM Research's Zurich facility, "If you take the current global daily Internet traffic and multiply it by two, you are in the range of the data set that the Square Kilometre Array radio telescope will be collecting every day. This is Big Data Analytics to the extreme."