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Conan O'Brien Buys - And Resigns From - Mashable

The world of social media is a funny one, celebrating many a humorous meme as well as countless hilarious virals - so when the Internet got virtual wind of comedian TV host Conan O'Brien and the news of his acquisition of Mashable, it seemed too good to be true.

Because it was.

Unfortunately, such news came about on the year's most jestful day - making the declaration an April Fool's. Apparently, O'Brien acquired social media news site Mashable from CEO Pete Cashmore for the bargain price of just $3,500 - however, it was all just for kicks and giggles, with Mashable keen to worship their new leader by having O'Brien's face plastered on their Twitter account as well as posting his announcement on the site.

"I go to Mashable, I see the atrocious job they're doing," O'Brien says in a YouTube video posted on "So I decided it's time for me to take it over."

Which he did, revelling in his new role as Mashable CEO by sending out a combination of his own tweets as well as those made by his 'staff'.

Come midnight, and O'Brien tweeted: "@mashable is out of touch. So as of this moment, I am taking over. ALL HAIL YOUR NEW CEO."

As part of the 'shake-up', O'Brien decided to introduce a revolutionary new method of tweeting: "@ConanOBrien Unveils the Future of Twitter: Manual Tweets." The tweet includes a link to another O'Brien video where he elaborates on this concept, because 1. it doesn't use paper and 2. it happens too quickly. Simply write a 'tweet' on a bit of paper, crumple it up, then throw it away as far as possible.

However, O'Brien may have been out of his league - resigning later that day. Thanks O'Brien - you sucked as CEO but you certainly brightened up our April Fool's Day.

Source: NYDailyNews (opens in new tab)

Mariel Norton is a self-confessed girly geek with a penchant for technology, and previously wrote for ITProPortal, with experience on TheNextWeb, UKFast, WorldRemit, Virgin Media, Google, and more.