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HTC To Ban Website For Early Unveiling Of One S?

And now for an unexpected and maybe not so thoroughly considered PR move - HTC has decided to sue a French website dedicated to the promotion of HTC products and ideas.

French site HTC Hub did not deliberately set out to reveal information intended to destroy the company's image, but did unfortunately prematurely unveil the HTC One S before its official release to an excited community of fans.

It is worth mentioning that the HTC One S and HTC One X is expected to hit the European market very soon, initially leaked over the Internet several weeks ago.

HTC based a 30 page file submitted to Paris' High court on a non disclosure agreement that forbids the French website to review HTC phones sent by the company before the official release.

However HTC Hub, like any other tech-dedicated website, used its alternative sources to find out the most reliable information relating to the new products.

Both HTC Hub as well as a handful of other sites discovered that HTC may not necessarily be to blame for the situation, and that it's more of a case of PR agency Hopscotch - responsible for managing the marketing behind HTC products - in being overzealous in defending the products from prying eyes.

Source: HTC Hub (opens in new tab)

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