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IE Gains Share, Chrome Down For A Third Consecutive Month

For the second time in only the first quarter of the month, Internet Explorer has announced another gain in share. Contrastingly, all other rivals - including Google's Chrome have recorded loses.

The Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer (IE), recorded a gain of one percentage point during last month according to Net Applications. The measurement firm also lists IE's share at 53.8 per cent, which is the highest it has been since September 2011.

Chrome ended March on 18.6 per cent having lost a third of a per centage point during that month, the Google browser's third consecutive loss. Firefox lost about the same and ended on 20.6 per cent, the lowest the browser has been in three years. Apple's Safari and Opera Software's desktop browsers also fell, by two-tenths and one-tenth of a point, respectively, to 5.1 per cent and 1.6 per cent.

Net Applications has recently readjusted the way it measures the users of these browsers. The measurement firm has always had more data from the US then it has China, but in order to try and produce more accurate figures, Net Applications now weights its Chinese data proportionally higher, due to the significantly higher percentage of internet users.

As China relies heavily on IE, this may explain the recent growing numbers of IE's share.