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Leaked Files Update Nexus S To Ice Cream Sandwich

Android fans, who have waited so patiently to get an update for the latest version of Google's mobile operating system, are buzzing with enthusiasm since Brief Mobile offered them a tasty treat - with Korey Nicholson announcing exclusive access to official stock image files.

With the help of a trusty source, Korey managed to get his hands on "an updated signed_radio.img, boot.img, bootloader.img, recovery.img, system.img, and userdata.img," completing the official IMM76D ICS ROM.

Nexus S owners who couldn't wait for the company to announce an official release of Ice Cream Sandwich update, can now install the unofficial version.

The announcement is followed by a 12-step guide, published on Brief Mobile, so users can download the files and install them securely.

According to users who followed the guide and commented in the dedicated section of the website, the update has proved to be pretty impressive.

"I was tempted to install the IMM26 leak a while ago, but I'm glad I held out as this one seems very polished and even includes the new "Google Play" stuff which only rolled out a few weeks ago to the masses," said Chad Cardwell.

Source: BriefMobile (opens in new tab)

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