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Microsoft Office 365 for medium-sized businesses

Large enterprises have the pick of the crop when it comes to office software, as despite budgets being stretched, they have a lot more capital to play with.

At the other end of the scale, more vendors are trying to tie up the small business market, offering incentives and deals for the little guys in the industry.

But what about those in the medium level firms? These companies are grown up enough to have some dedicated IT and technology nous but lack the cash to splash on expensive licenses, or the time to waste on lengthy deployments.

Office 365 can help those businesses in the middle get everything they need, without squandering their much-needed hours and capital.

No more big cheques

To become a medium business, you have usually started at the smaller end and grown up to be bigger and better in your field. But with growth comes a lot of change and when it comes to IT, companies aren't always prepared.

The continual cost of adding licences can get very pricey and once you have broken the threshold of your hardware, adding new servers or storage boxes can mean waving goodbye to that year's budget.

With Office 365, these issues can get thrown out with the old software packaging. With prices starting at £6.50 per month per user for anything over 25 employees, the cost of getting everyone with the same software packages, including all the necessary classics - such as Exchange, Word, Excel and even Microsoft's VoIP service Lync - drops dramatically.

Also, with all of your data stored in the cloud, there is no need to buy new storage or servers to take care of the information once it's created. All your employees need is a working PC and Internet connection and they can create, edit and share online easily with software they are familiar with.

Seamless integration

This is all great for the future or for a medium business just setting itself up, but what if you are well established and already have some of your own IT architecture on premise?

Microsoft knows it is important to get the full life out of your investments internally and realises you may want to keep some data on your doorstep. As such, it provides seamless integration between on and off premises, making sure no scrap of IT goes to waste.

Safe and secure

Your data is your intellectual property and is what allows you to run your business, standing out from your competition.

Also your customer data represents your reputation and you can't have that falling into the wrong hands.

Microsoft had safety and security of your data in mind when building up this new service and employs the highest levels of security, both physically for its data centres and virtually across the networks and hardware.

The added bonus is, as a medium enterprise, you are sharing a space with huge corporations and getting the same level of security they expect. This means getting protection for your data you could never have afforded at your own office.

On top of that, Microsoft has addressed the issue of EU regulation. Microsoft opened a data centre in Dublin back in 2009 and European customers can now host their data at the specific location, ensuring it sticks with all the data privacy rules made by the European Union.

The support you need

We know you guys know how to run an email system, but entrusting that to someone else could be the make or break of your business. Microsoft takes that responsibility very seriously and guarantees uptime of 99.9 per cent per month, giving compensation if it falls below that agreed level.

On top of that, if anything does go wrong or you need help, Microsoft offers a support team which works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can contact them through the phone, over the web or on email and they will do their utmost to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

With a strong service level agreement and always on support, you get everything you need.

Medium business, high priority

When Microsoft unveiled Office 365 last summer, it told the world medium businesses were their target and they wanted to get them on-board. Built with the midway enterprise in mind, Office 365 could give your business all you need when it comes to office software.