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New GAME CEO is the old GAME CEO

Martyn Gibbs has been named as the new, old CEO of GAME, having jumped ship in the middle of last year. He was part of GameStation in 2007 when it was bought up by the group and became part of the organisation, overseeing stores in multiple territories over several years.

He's also been in charge of games at HMV and has worked as a games and multimedia buyer at WHSmith - with this gentleman clearly having quite the game retail pedigree.

Martyn heads up the newly saved UK arm of game as part of OpCapita's empire. The Comet owners purportedly paid as little as £1 for GAME's UK stores and business, saving over 330 shops from closure as well as the jobs of several thousand employees. It's been reported at this point that several key members of office staff based at the GAME headquarters will also be rehired and that no further outlets will be closing for now.

OpCapita has yet to announce any big changes or how it plans to turn around the diminished business, though it seems likely that the first step will be renegotiating deals with publishers, since GAME missed out on sales of Mass Effect 3, Ninja Gaiden 3 and other key titles due to losing distribution deals with EA Games, Microsoft, Tecmo Koei and more.

Considering US firm GameStop's move into a more digital distribution model and high street stores being considered more of an advertising platform, it also seems likely that GAME will follow suit and attempt to increase its online presence.

Source: MCVUK (opens in new tab)

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