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Nokia Welcomes Voting Delay In Nano-SIM Battle

It's probably not escaped you that Nokia, Motorola and RIM have joined together in a battle against Apple when it comes to the Nano-SIM standard.

The war is over the exact format of the Nano-SIM, which offers the benefit of a smaller footprint than even the micro-SIM. Nokia is pushing its own design, which it reckons has "significant technical advantages" and is more compact, because Apple's version requires a tray (as present in the iPhone already). The latter is, however, favoured by European carriers.

On Friday, it emerged that RIM wasn't at all happy with Apple, accusing the company of pulling shenanigans to skew the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ESTI) vote on the matter. Basically, the accusation levelled was that Apple had sneaked three employees in under the banner of other companies, to vote for their format.

So as the accusations are flung, it's perhaps not surprising that Nokia has welcomed ESTI's latest decision - to postpone the vote on the standard for at least another month, in order to "achieve a broad industry consensus".

In a statement, ESTI noted: "The next opportunity for a decision is at the forthcoming TC SCP meeting, on 31 May - 1 June 2012 in Osaka, Japan. An earlier meeting may be called by the chairman of TC SCP to deal with this subject but this requires a minimum of 30 day's notice to ETSI Members."

"Given the strong media interest, exceptionally ETSI has decided to communicate on this ongoing process."

In other words, they definitely need a lot more time to sort out what is becoming a very public, increasing headache of a standards battle.

Nokia said it was "pleased that the ETSI General Assembly has already decided to review its rules regarding granting new voting rights for members".

Source: ZDNet (opens in new tab)

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