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Noon News: Windows Phone OS on BlackBerry?, Refurbished Xbox Prone to Credit Card Hacks, Smoked by Windows Phone Extended

Speculations of a Microsoft and Nokia partnership to buy RIM have been floating around since 2011, but a couple of days ago WSJ uncovered another twist to the story. It seems that if the rumour was to become a reality, then BlackBerry phones will be embracing Microsoft's Windows Phone as their main platform.

Researchers claim that important information, such as credit card credentials, can be extracted with ease from used Xbox consoles, even if the hard-drive has been successfully formatted. Ashley Podhradsky , a member of the research team at Drexel University, claims that her team successfully pulled out credit card data from a refurbished Xbox, simply by using software modding tools. Known for their use to "unlock" the console and allow the owner to install unofficial versions of popular games, these programs share core files and folders where important info is being stored.

The latest piece of research from Ofcom has revealed that the overall level of concern and worry regarding the Internet has fallen over the last six years. Despite the prevalence of tracking and data mining by all the big Internet players such as Google and Facebook, it would seem that UK adults aren't so concerned about privacy on the Internet these days.

Microsoft has chosen to extend the deadline of its latest competition - where users have the chance to win a $1000 prize and a brand new Windows Phone - until April 5th. Set to end on March 29th, the software giant gives the "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenge another four work days of life, with a little twist reserved for the prize.

Future EU data protection legislation is set to increase the risk of huge fines for businesses who utilise the cloud. That was the warning delivered by Vinod Bange, a top London-based IT lawyer, as the EU proposes new laws to penalise data breaches.

Ravi Mandalia

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