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PlayStation Orbis will debut before Xbox 720

Another next-gen console rumour has popped up this morning, this one addressing the PlayStation 4/Orbis and its intended release. Apparently Sony is gunning to beat Microsoft out the gate, hoping to avoid the PlayStation 3 release fiasco that saw it show up months behind its competitors.

The news comes straight from VG247 (opens in new tab), whose sources claim that: "Sony is completely in the belief that it has the jump on Microsoft this time." They also recommended that those interested in the next gen "should be watching the timing of next year's E3 keynotes, and who's going to go first."

In the release that hinted Sony's naming convention for the next generation PlayStation, it was also revealed that select developers had begun receiving dev. kits of the Orbis early this year. Considering many AAA titles have a year-and-a-half to two-year development cycle, this would put them squarely in line for the end of 2013 release date that has been rumoured recently.

Other speculation that's popped up in the past couple of weeks includes the fact that all next-gen systems will be available by the start of 2014 and that the PlayStation Orbis will be making use of AMD hardware instead of the originally thought 24 core Cell processor.

Microsoft's next-gen Xbox is also being rumoured to be using AMD processor and graphics chips, surprising in some senses considering Intel's much stronger lead in performance processing at the moment.

Another Orbis rumour came about with some sketches that appeared and disappeared from a designer's website, seeming to show Kinect-like functions that integrate with a smartphone - with PlayStation branding.

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