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RIM Rumoured To Adopt Windows Phone On BlackBerry Phones

Speculations of a Microsoft and Nokia partnership to buy RIM have been floating around since 2011, but a couple of days ago WSJ uncovered another twist to the story. It seems that if the rumour was to become a reality, then BlackBerry phones will be embracing Microsoft's Windows Phone as their main platform.

Sources stretch speculations even further, claiming that RIM may abandon the BlackBerry OS for their entire line of smartphones in favour of Windows Phone. It is yet unknown if this transition would happen only for upcoming models or if those already launched would've been "updated" with Microsoft's operating system.

Although it beats our imagination as to how Metro's large tiles would fit on RIM's smaller screens, informers say that Microsoft may implement this transition using their own servers.

The plain reasons for why such a move would make sense are RIM's financial reports for the past quarter, where the company experienced a sharp drop in revenue - and maybe their own words which spoke of a refocus on strengths in the following months, indicating a possible withdrawal from the mobile business and an aim on enterprise networking.

However, RIM denied any withdrawing rumours and announced their target towards a select segment of the market: business clients. As for the speculations above, RIM has yet to make an official statement.

Such a deal would increase Microsoft's exposure against other platforms, like Android and iOS, but may hurt RIM clients in the process.

Source: WSJ (opens in new tab)