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Siri To Become Your Personal Translator

Well before Siri was introduced to the market an intriguing Apple patent, published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office a year ago, has hinted towards Apple's promising plans with the digital assistant. However, the best is yet to come.

The patent reveals that the creative minds from Cupertino plan to provide Siri the power of translation.

MacWorld's Karen Haslam explained that this feature was based on a "babel fish-like language translation" technique. The inspiration is most likely to have derived from Douglas Adams, where his book, the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, described a very similar device.

This facility sees voice commands recorded and sent to iCloud for interpretation. Siri then is able to deliver instant translations to the user via a Bluetooth earpiece. However, this feature is still in the development, as Siri is still "growing" and "learning."

Apple's digital assistant, which is still in beta, currently has some trouble with various English accents but the company has since offered iOS updates which include Siri enhancements on this matter.

In addition to English (American, British and Australian), Siri offers support for French, German and Japanese. Later this year, Siri is hoped to be able to speak to residents in China in Mandarin Chinese.

Source: MacWorld UK (opens in new tab)

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