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Smoked By Windows Phone Extended Until April 5th

Microsoft has chosen to extend the deadline of its latest competition - where users have the chance to win a $1000 prize and a brand new Windows Phone - until April 5th. Set to end on March 29th, the software giant gives the "Smoked by Windows Phone" challenge another four work days of life, with a little twist reserved for the prize.

Although organisers endured some bumps on the way, "Smoked by Windows Phone" is a successful event where anyone with an iOS, Android and even BlackBerry smartphone can walk into a WP phone shop and challenge the retailer on a speed test. Employees use non-modified versions of a selection of high-end phones running on Microsoft's platform.

Anyone managing to outspeed retailers when opening an application, a website as well as any other requests can win a Hunger Games branded laptop worth £625 ($1,000). Those who lose are given the on-spot possibility of swapping their smartphone with a Windows Phone based handset, without a contract.

Now, Microsoft is changing the rules of the game in the last four days of the competition by awarding the first 100 competitors who lose the chance to win a free WP 7.5 handset. The next 500 will receive a $25 gift card that can be spent in-store.

Smoked by Windows Phone is also taking place in the UK, but under a different name: The Lumia Challenge. As you may have guessed, challengers will have to beat a Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone in order to win the big prize.

Source: MicrosoftStore (opens in new tab)