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Suspected LulzSec Hacker Cleary Sent Back To Jail

Ryan Cleary, the alleged LulzSec hacker, is back behind bars having broken the conditions of his bail.

Cleary, who is accused of hacking activities including attacking the SOCA website, and running IRC rooms that facilitated communication between members of the hacktivist collective, was arrested last year but subsequently bailed.

His terms of bail, however, included the stipulation that he was banned from using the internet to ensure he couldn't get up to anything nefarious hacking-wise, or indeed contact other known hackers online.

It seems the latter is exactly what he went and did, though, as he reportedly emailed Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known as Sabu, over the Christmas period. Sabu, the leader of LulzSec, famously turned FBI informant on this fellow hacktivists.

According to Cleary's lawyer, he was re-arrested for breaking bail conditions on the 5th of March - coinciding with a spate of other alleged LulzSec member arrests and the emergence of the news that Sabu had turned on his pals. So it seems Sabu may have dobbed him in, and Cleary is now back in jail.

LulzSec was allegedly back in action last week, with a group called LulzSec Reborn executing a hacking attack on a military dating website. The action compromised some 170,000 accounts, including usernames, email and home addresses.

Source: Inquirer