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Third Party Apps Can Improve Siri’s Functionalities

Since Siri made its introduction to an audience of eager and innovative users, the Internet has been buzzing with reports, ideas and rumours related to Apple's sassy digital assistant. The latest one on this matter comes from the creative minds of the Tuaw team.

Recently, Erica Sadun put together a list of suggestions Apple might use to boost Siri's potential.

The report suggests that third party APIs, although challenging a possible integration with Siri, could provide a wide area of exploration for the voice recognition technology which could see the services of digital assistance compete at a whole new level.

For instance, integrating Ace Object along with all its linguistic tools, would allow Apple's digital assistant a much better and more flexible understanding of the users' commands. "Leaving the request style of these commands to Apple would limit the kinds of requests initially rolled out to devs but it would maintain the highly flexible way Siri users can communicate with the technology," explains Erica Sadun.

In addition, the third party apps that would have access to Siri would be able to deliver better and faster information to the users.

Source: TUAW (opens in new tab)

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