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TweetDeck Outage: Security Issue To Blame?

Just before the weekend TweetDeck experienced an outage, with a tweet informing users that: "TweetDeck is currently down while we look into an issue. Apologies for the inconvenience."

Rumours quickly arose that the issue in question was a security breach, with an Australian user reportedly able to access hundreds of Twitter and Facebook accounts during the blackout.

The man, Geoff Evason, says he didn't do anything special to gain access to these details, and that they were just suddenly available to him.

Evason said: "I wasn't exploiting a flaw I found. I just opened TweetDeck and had access to all those accounts. I tweeted a 'test' tweet from another account just to see if the problem was as serious as it looked."

On Saturday, a follow-up tweet appeared from TweetDeck, namely: "TweetDeck is working again. Thanks for your patience. We apologize again for the inconvenience."

So there was absolutely no mention of any security flaw, which may or may not have been patched, depending on whether it ever existed. It's certainly a strange little episode though, given that there were no other reports of further users getting unfettered access to other accounts.

The appearance of the flaw followed a TweetDeck update from the previous week, leading some to speculate that this might have had something to do with the issue.

Source: CNET