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Xbox 720 Durango will need Always-On Internet Connection

Some new details have emerged about the Xbox 720 Durango console, perhaps the most inflammatory of which is that it will require an always-on internet connection - despite the fact that gamers have hated that sort of digital rights management since it was introduced by companies like Ubisoft.

Other details that VG247 is citing (opens in new tab) as fact - though at this stage should still be considered rumours - include the next generation Xbox to feature a blu-ray drive, contrary to reports released by other publications that cited it as having a solid state option instead.

There will also purportedly be twin graphics chips "equivalent to AMD's 7000 series", though it apparently won't be using a crossfire setup - the idea being that each GPU will be able to function independently, thereby processing simultaneously. If this rumour turns out to be true, this would imply a new method of dual GPU interaction has been achieved that offers better scaling than current desktop options. Surely AMD and/or Nvidia would have utilised this on their own dual chip cards if it was available?

In line with current CPU developments by AMD and Intel, the processor found in the 720 is said to be made up of four to six cores, though no hard information on that has been confirmed.

Apparently a lot of this information came from hastily removed tweets occurring over the weekend. Considering the proximity to 1st April, take these with a liberal pinch of salt for now.

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