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Analyst Believes Nokia Will Profit in 2012, Hints of RIM Partnership

With the death of Symbian, the cancellation of MeeGo and the early adaptation of Windows Phone, Nokia clearly had its bumps throughout 2011. Whilst many analysts were unsure of the company's future, one person has turned his back on the critics - and given Nokia a much-needed boost.

Jamie Townsend, a member of Town Hall Investment Research, predicts that Nokia will see their revenue increase this year and has updated the company's rating to a much higher figure.

Nokia's partnership with Microsoft also makes the Finish manufacturer a significant player in smartphone markets around the world. Early indications of success for newly released handsets, like the Lumia 800 and the upcoming 900, allows Townsend to believe that Nokia will reverse all the negative trends experienced in the past.

According to the analyst, these improvements won't happen instantly, and are more likely to take place over a much longer and stable period. This is great news for investors, as they are expected to take advantage of the company's "consistent signs of improvement in the smartphone segment in particular."

Another part of the note cannot be ignored, where Townsend acknowledges the possibility of a RIM takeover: "While only a wild card right now, we also believe that some sort of partnership between Microsoft, Nokia and RIM is now a real possibility.", while describing the company to be in the same place as Nokia was a year ago.

Source: Forbes (opens in new tab)