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Analyst Predicts Apple Share Price To Reach $1,000

It appears that the creative minds up at Apple's Cupertino headquarters are riding on a wave of success - and it doesn't like the ride will be stopping any time soon.

However, the latest enthusiastic prediction regarding Apple's stocks seems "a little" far fetched. Remarks by analyst Brian J. White, who recently changed jobs leaving Ticonderoga Securities to Topeka Capital Markets, seems to have caught everyone's attention.

Recently, he announced his price target for Apple shares: $1001. Since he is the first analyst to declare that Apple shares may surpass the $1000 mark, his statement has gained him worldwide notoriety; his declaration quoted worldwide.

Basing his predictions on three key facts, the first point of White's report is the obvious market dominance that Apple has displayed for the past few years - as it doesn't look like the company will be hitting a roadblock in the foreseeable future.

The analyst points out to China's huge market potential as another factor for Apple's growth. Tim Cook's recent visit there serves as proof for Apple's interest.

Last, but not least, the long rumoured Apple TV is going to create a new category of products and Apple has a big chance to redefine the market, giving them ample opportunity to cash in on the big bucks.

Source: BusinessInsider (opens in new tab)

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