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Apple Removes Creepy “Girls Around Me” From App Store

Apparently, the imagination of app developers knows no boundaries when it comes to delivering something new to Apple fans. The latest in a series of odd and not necessarily wanted apps in the App Store was dedicated to the fantasy of...stalkers.

Thankfully, Apple decided to pull the application from its App Store.

The Girls Around Me app was meant to help (desperate) users find women in certain places using the Foursquare function. The app scans for women in the user's area, by identifying females with recent check-ins in to the location-based mobile service.

The app requires users to sign in to Facebook, giving it access to personal information such as photos, contacts and emails. In addition, the app requires permission to post status updates on the user's Facebook wall on their behalf. But in exchange to such Facebook liberty, the creepy app grants access to the full profile of every femae on the social networking site.

Elizabeth Stark, a lecturer in law at Stanford specialising in privacy on the Internet said that "This would be a very different application if it didn't link back to Facebook, which is the treasure trove of information. With that link, this app could easily be a "let's stalk women" app."

The app, developed by a Russian developer, was removed from Apple's App Store soon after the news hit the Internet. Foursquare also took appropriate action to prohibit the developer from accessing the service.

Source: NY Times (opens in new tab)

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