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Codemasters To Hire 100 new Staff

Long time British game developer Codemasters has announced its plans to hire 100 new staff members at its Birmingham and Warwickshire studios. Three quarters will be heading to the latter, while 25 will be joining the former.

"The success of our recent games and our plans for the future means that Codemasters will continue to see growth as we expand our teams here in the Midlands," said Codemasters' Simon Miles.

"The skilled talent pool in Birmingham, along with the support available for developers in the area, and across the Midlands generally has created a dynamic and creative local business community. We are looking to recruit staff from the region as well as enticing some new employees into the city as well."

If they need a writer, someone let me know.

Codemasters began in the late 80s with simple puzzle games, creating memorable characters like those found in the Dizzy universe. In the early 90s it continued to have success with breakout titles like Micro Machines, the Mega Drive tournament version featuring two extra controller ports in the cartridge itself.

More recently the company has been known for publishing the now free-to-play Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar and the Colin Mcrae series.

Codemasters also famously announced the closure of its Guildford studios last year after poor reception and sales of the in-house developed Bodycount title.

Source: GamesIndustry (opens in new tab)

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